Thursday, August 21, 2014

O' Falafel in Salt Lake City (Sugar House), Utah


Basil Labaneh ($6.45): Yogurt reduced to soft cheese blended with basil and olive oil.

 Falafel: ($6.45)

Grilled Kifteh with Basmati Rice served with yogurt cucumber mint salsa ($11.95)

Baklavah and Home-made sahlab-based ice cream: Pistachio and Mango

*sigh* Mediterranean cuisine. I've been wanting to make a special trip to try O' Falafel for quite some time--years actually. I finally did it, and it was long, long overdue. The food is delicious and the owners are fun to have a chat with. I could eat here forever.
Let's go to O' Falafel in SLC? A forty minute drive you say? Done.

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