Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Benja Thai & Sushi in St. George, Utah


Aww my home town. We stayed in St. George a couple of weeks ago. The air smelled good and we felt like we had emerged from being in a deep, dark inversion cave. We were squinting and shielding our eyes. We would stand next to our car, face the sun, and soak it in. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We wore shorts and went swimming and hiking. It was heavenly. Though I don't have any family in St. George anymore--*tears*--a large part of my heart still remains in Southern Utah. I think it's the most beautiful place on Earth. But, St. George, you have officially been over-discovered. So busy! But I still love ya lots.

The foodie-scene, however, has always been quite the challenge.

Potstickers: Ground pork dumplings served with soy ginger sauce. $7.95

Oh, there are plenty of restaurants, that's for sure, but you really have to dig to find the good ones. New ones are always popping up all over the place, and places go out-of-business all over the place, too. You have to really scour Yelp and Urbanspoon; the advice from locals can either be good or bad; and finally, you'll probably have to risk it on your own. On this trip, we didn't have time to visit some of our old favorites AND try new ones, so we decided to try three places, and luckily, one was a go; Benja Thai.

Red Dragon: Spicy tuna, tempura, topped with tuna and thin slice lemon 12.50
(for the kids) California: Avocado, crabstick and cucumber 5.50

When we stepped into Benja Thai, it was nicer than I expected. I began to be a little nervous to bring the kids during a late-ish dinner hour who can be hit or miss at this time of day, especially in unfamiliar territory.
(Tip: Nice-ishRestaurant+ToddlerAndPreschooler=GoAtLunchTimeOr5pm. It feels more forgiving.)
They did good though, phew.

Sushi was fine, not the best if you know what I mean, but it was fine.  Not sure if you can find good sushi in St. George though, so it might have to do for the locals. 

Thai Orange Chicken: Marinated orange chicken lightly battered and fried with a tangy Thai orange sauce with onions scallions and orange slices 11.95

The waitress suggested the Thai Orange Chicken when dining with children, so we agreed. Ha, my kids didn't eat it. They are so random! It was crispy and delicious. We have a little foodie 5-yr-old who ate sushi and potstickers, but not the chicken. Our 2-yr-old? I wasn't surprised, rice and some potstickers for her.

Musaman Curry: Thai curry with coconut milk, peanuts, potatoes, carrots, and onions spiced with chili sauce, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise 11.95

Curry was on the sweet side, but we still enjoyed it.

Overall, I would agree with my aunt from Enterprise, and my St. Georgian friends, who suggested this place; it was definitely good, and the service was great. 

Benja Thai & Sushi on Urbanspoon