Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Heirloom Catering in Provo, Utah

By now you know that I not only love,
but I also cherish, everything that comes from Heirloom Group.

Did you know that they also cater the same, locally-sourced food that you get at Communal?
Heirloom Catering

Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Vincent Photography

"Whenever possible we choose foods produced by local farmers who use sustainable methods. Our patrons enjoy the experience more knowing their meals are picked ripe and fresh here in the salt lake and utah valleys. In preparing your meal we merely get out of the way and let the food speak for itself." -Heirloom Catering

Photos Courtesy of Alyssa Vincent Photography

I've always felt that Heirloom's food is incredibly fresh and beautiful.
Their business is passionate, professional, friendly, and trustworthy.
What better choice to host your wedding or event?

Photos Courtesy of Alyssa Vincent Photography

The Catering Co. can accommodate any venue and enjoys serving groups of all sizes.
Here is an example of a few events that they regularly cater. If you have another event not listed here, they are more than happy to help make it a remarkable experience.

Benefits & Fundraisers
Corporate Gatherings
Intimate Dinner Parties
Birthday Parties
Anniversary Parties
Holiday Parties
Office Lunches
Casual Backyard Barbecues & Picnics

Photos Courtesy of Alyssa Vincent Photography

Their philosophy:

Joseph McRae, Owner and Director, can help you step by step to plan, organize, and kick-off your event successfully. Call or email him to have your questions answered or to set up an appointment to get started.
Joseph McRae (Owner)
office (801) 373-8001
cell (801) 404-4011

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