Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five Star BBQ in Orem, Utah



In other words, y long for good barbecue and baked beans in Utah County.

I've been wanting & hoping to try Five Star BBQ for a few months now, and wishing & praying it was going to be good enough to post. My wishes & prayers have been answered.

Pork Sandwich w/ Smoked Beans & Coleslaw
The smoked beans--oh the smoked beans--I think I'm ready to say that I like them better than our old fave at Sugar House BBQ in Salt Lake. Yes, I said it.

The coleslaw was simple the way coleslaw is meant to be. 
Not only did I eat the coleslaw by itself, 
but I also loaded it on top of the pork on my sandwich, 
and that right there is one of my all-time favorite meals.

Pumpkin Cake
I was worried there would be nothing sweet, 
but then I saw a pan of pumpkin cake & a pan of apple pie. 
Done & done.

Beef Brisket Plate w/ Bread, Housemade Chips, & JT's Brunswick Stew
I had never had Brunswick Stew. 
It was so delicious & comforting; perfect for a cold Winter's day.

Apple Pie
Just look at that homemade pie crust!

Not pictured: My son's mac & cheese, applesauce & cornbread. 

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Pantrucas in Provo, Utah


I found a new favorite place. Yay!

Let me go back in time a little bit to this past Summer.
You know the little chocolate chip cookies from Mini's Delights that are sitting in a bowl at Mountain West Burrito?
Well, I gave her a visit at her booth at the Provo Farmer's Market.
She was so super nice! SHE told me about the one & only, Pantrucas Chilean Grill.... 

..and now, I will forever be grateful.

Pantrucas is located in Provo on Canyon Road, next to Days Market, over a few blocks Southwest of Timpview Highschool.

Beef Empanada w/ Salsa
My beef empanada was delicious. I will be in soon to try their cheese, and ham & cheese, empanada. I can't wait!

Do you see what I see? "Fresh" fruit juice. FRESH.
I'm a juicer and a big fan of freshly juiced juice.

Left: Kid's meal w/ Rotisserie Chicken & Rice
Right: Fresh Peach Juice & Fresh Mango Juice
Umm yes, those are huge pitcher carafe thingys full of peach & mango juice.
WELL worth the $3.49.
So refreshing, slightly creamy, & sweet.

Churrasco Palta (steak, avocado, tomatoes)
This sandwich is loaded with fresh guacamole.
Avocado just happens to be in my top 3 favorite foods.
I promise you I know fresh (or under/over ripe) guacamole/avocado when I taste it.
This guacamole so passed the test with flying colors.
And like I said before, this sandwich is loaded with it.
Oh, and we were informed this bread was freshly baked that morning in-house. Win.

Fried Fish w/ Spring Rice and Chilean Salad

Left: Fruit Emanada
Right: Alfajores milhojas
Cut into an Alfajores Milhojas ("a thousand sheets) and you will find many flaky, pastry layers filled with dulce de leche. 

Such great people. They, and they're food, deserve a lot of support.
Someone tell the high school students to stop going to Days Market for a donut & a soda, and instead, go to Pantrucas for an empanada & juice.

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