Monday, December 3, 2012

Waffle Love (Food Truck) in Utah County, Utah

Update: Waffle Love now has TWO trucks. Even better? They have an actual indoor location now, too, right next to the first Mountain West Burrito in Provo, 1796 N 960 W


Yep, Utah County has a food truck!

I bet some would give the whole "food truck trend" a hard time, 
but as for me, I welcome it with open arms.

So a food truck you are definitely going to want to follow on Facebook or Twitter.
That's how they let everyone know where they'll be parked at various times throughout the day.

Waffle Love: Facebook
Waffle Love: Twitter
Instagram: waffluv

This past week I had already planned on visiting Waffle Love,
and I was happy to see that they happened to be coming to the city of my residency, 
Spanish Fork.
While they were parked in front of the library--a frequent stop of mine--I thought, "For once, Spanish Fork has a really great restaurant....but for such a short time!"

The Red Wonder: 1/2 raspberries / 1/2 strawberries / cream / Biscoff

I've added their phone number (pictured above) to my phone. 
You can text them, too. I have, and they do text back. :)

Waffle with oozy, crunchy Biscoff spread.

My mom pointed out twice, maybe thrice, that it was real cream for their whipped cream. I was like, "Mom, I know." Real cream alone can make the ladies in my fam love a place real quick.
The Paityn: bananas / cream / Nutella

Waffle Love serves Liege waffles with your choice of toppings.

"Not to be confused with Belgian waffles, the Liege waffle is made with a yeast dough instead of batter and is spotted with large bits of sugar.  When cooked in the iron, the sugar chunks melt and create pockets of crunchy sweet on the inside and shiny, slick sugar spots on the outside." --Whipped blog

These waffles had the best texture; dense, flaky, & w/ crunchy "sugar pearls". I was so involved in my eating, that I didn't even think about taking a picture of the texture of the waffle until it was too late.

Did you notice how lovingly they placed all the toppings?

Be sure to keep up on Waffle Love, and if you happen to pass them on the side of the road, flip a U-ee (or go 'round the block) and help support our local food truck.

P.S. Yes, they accept cards!
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  1. I love food trucks! I just wish we had more of them here! I even have the Eat St. food truck app on my phone, but Waffle Love isn't on it yet.

  2. Thanks for spreading the Waffle Love!! The food is truly amazing, as is the team that delivers it up!! I am a whole-hearted, life-long supporter!!

  3. Waffle love sucked!! Over priced and under cooked nonsense. Waited 30 min in bitter cold for a doughy waffle and we were the only ones there...sorry to be so negative but those guys are lucky they are the only truck in Utah valley so people will eat there, I can't wait till another truck comes around and shows them up.