Thursday, November 15, 2012

North Woods Inn in Covina, California

A.K.A. Clearman's North Woods Inn.
Also located in La Mirada & Pasadena...


A couple weeks ago, just my son and I took a quick trip to visit my brother & grandparent's in Southern California. My grandparents still live in the same house (in La Puente/West Covina area) that my dad grew up in and I spent a lot of vacation time down there as a child/adolescent. It's so comforting and cozy to visit the same house. They are in their early 80's and still spry as ever. They are the most inviting and welcoming people I know and I get excited to share them with my husband and children.

My brother picked us up from the airport and we practically made a B-line straight to an old family favorite, North Woods Inn. This place is so nostalgic for me. It holds some fun history for my family. My dad's two brothers worked here and I guess they all used to go here on dates and such. Every time we visit California, the ol' cabin with permanent snow is a must.

Sirloin Burger $9.95

It's basically an expensive steakhouse with BIG food. They give you peanuts to snack on while you wait for your table or food, and you can throw the peanut shells on the sawdust laden floor. 

I can't remember what we all ordered or how much anything was because my sweet grandpa swiped the ticket before I could object.

This is my dish, and let me tell you, this is exactly why most of my family comes here; the two signature salads (greens w/ bleu cheese dressing & red cabbage soaked in vinegar and spices) and the cheese bread. The key is to order a baked potato w/ cheese butter, single servings of their two salads, and cheese bread. This is what I order because I can't seem to control myself with the unlimited amount of cheese bread that they bring to your table otherwise. If you order a huge meal, you'll fill up on these salads and bread anyway before you even touch your meal and be incredibly stuffed when you exit the restaurant--but that's ok, too. 

Always gotta play the games. Apparently my Grandpa is still "hot stuff" and Cameron is going to be a "bill collector" when he grows up.

This is also a family tradition, a picture in front of the North Wood's sign. I could probably fill an entire album with all the different family members in front of this sign. 

Just make sure, that if you happen to go here, the cheese bread and salads are a must!

WARNING for Families: They have artsy nudish pics placed randomly throughout the restaurant.

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