Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thai Drift in Orem, Utah


I figured I better get some Thai food on my blog because I swear it's everyone's favorite cuisine. I'm more of a North/South American, European, Mediterranean, Indian food type gal, so I had to check out Urbanspoon for the list of top Thai places in Utah County. 
And here we landed at Thai Drift!
Don't mistake the above paragraph for me not liking Thai food. I do I do.

Spring Rolls $5.99

Pumpkin Curry $9.49
Wow. This pumpkin curry was fabulous, too sweet, but still pretty enjoyable. The sweetness fits right in for Utah Thai food I'm sure... The beef was tender, and we were both so excited to see big chunks of pumpkin. I thought the pumpkin would only be in the creamy part of the broth, but the large cubes added a special element to this dish. 

Galanga Coconut Soup (Tom Kai Gai) w/ tofu $9.49
And double wow! I ordered this dish because I had watched a particular episode of Master Chef on Hulu where Monti was stuck with ingredients that Christine had picked out. Anyway, she made an untraditional Tom Kai Gai, so naturally, I had to order it here at Thai Drift. The flavor of this soup was very well balanced and delicious. They give you a big bowl, too, so the leftovers were even better the next day.

Right: Sweet Rice & Mango $4.99

What is your favorite Thai restaurant? More importantly, where should I avoid?

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  1. We love Thai Village in American Fork, but would love to try something closer to home.

  2. I've heard this is a good place, so now I'll have to go check it out! I love Thai. The Mekong Cafe 2 in Springville was actually quite delicious, I thought. Especially the pineapple curry and the noodle dishes. The hot pot was all right. I liked it better than a couple of other Thai places I've been to in Utah. But I haven't been to a whole lot, so I'm not a connoisseur or anything.

    I'm going to Aiyara Thai Cuisine in Pleasant Grove on Saturday with my sisters and my mom and I'm hoping it will be delicious. :) I've heard good things.

  3. thanks for this review. i've been searching for thai food in utah that's not too sweet. sounds like this isn't it! so i'll continue to make it at home and eat it out when in seattle or s.f.

  4. We love Thai Mango in Provo (by Cafe Rio). Their massaman curry is the best and I really like their spring rolls. Their coconut juice is delicious too!

  5. I second Thai Mango. I have been to 4 or 5 Thai restaurants in Utah Valley, and Thai Mango is my favorite.

  6. Interesting to read the other comments--I've lived in Provo for almost six years now, and I've never met anyone who was crazy about Thai Mango; but maybe I've just been talking to the wrong people. I'd be really interested to know what you think of Thai Ruby (on 820 N and 700 E in Provo) and Spicy Thai (on University Ave in Provo, same shopping complex as Magleby's Fresh). Those are the two I hear the most about. I think their food is pretty similar in terms of quality, but Thai Ruby has an awesome atmosphere and is a little pricier, while Spicy Thai is cheaper but not as cool an experience because of the atmosphere difference.