Saturday, September 1, 2012

Communal in Provo, Utah (lunch post)


A post about Communal is way overdue on my blog.
My blog has felt so incomplete!

Every time I eat here I'm tempted to retire my blog so I can eat only at Communal (and P712, and Black Sheep Cafe, my trio of faves).

I've lost count on how many times I've been to Communal.
It's usually Mark and I's first--and most frequent--choice for a date.

Tomato Gazpacho

My first experience tasting a gazpacho. 
Gazpacho is a tomato-based, vegetable soup traditionally served cold, originating in the southern Spanish region of AndalucĂ­a. Gazpacho is widely consumed in Spanish cuisine, as well as in neighboring Portugal, where it is known asgaspacho. Gazpacho is mostly consumed during the summer months, due to its refreshing qualities and cold serving temperature. -Wikipedia
My mother and I thought it was delicious.

Housemade Basil Limeade and Raspberry Lemonade

House Fries
It would be a good idea to come here just to share a bowl of fries.

Roasted Cauliflower + Pickled Golden Raisins + Chili Flakes
Perfectly cooked cauliflower.

Smoked Pulled Pork + Coleslaw + Pickled Onions on Pretzel Bun served with Baked Beans
This was their special this day. You know how I love baked beans? These were wonderful.
I've been seeing pretzel buns everywhere and I'm loving it; very dense, yet very soft.

This is a place you'll never get sick of because they have an ever-changing menu according to what's in-season. I'm always wanting to try every item on the menu.

Tomato/Avocado/Sprout/Cucumber + Creamy Herb Dressing on Multi-Grain Bread served w/ La Nay Ferme Greens

Communal is part of the Heirloom Restaurant Group.
We love the Heirloom Group and feel like they best represent the way we love to eat.
They use incredibly fresh, local, and in-season ingredients 
which makes simple food taste amazing.
They practically house-make everything.

Allred Peach & Cherry Cobbler w/ Butter Pecan Ice Cream

We feel like we completely understand the way they do things 
and we whole-heartedly appreciate and respect their philosophy.

P.S. - They have an incredible brunch menu on Saturday mornings. 
And of course, their dinner menu is also amazing. 

Lunch: Tues-Fri 11:30-2:30
Dinner: Tues-Sat 5-10
Brunch: Sat. 9-2

Advice: It helps to make a reservation one or two days in advance.
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  1. We should be friends in real life because your top three favorite places to eat in Utah Valley are indeed my top three also. Communal makes me so happy--no words to express how glad I am it is here.