Friday, August 24, 2012

Yuki Shaved Ice in Provo, Utah


Blackberry & Roza Peach

That's right, made from scratch!
Shaved ice with house-made syrups? It's a dream come true.

"Here at Yuki, we make everything from scratch. Instead of getting syrups from a box, we use real, fresh ingredients to create our own flavors that are unlike anything you’ve had before!"

Homemade Root Beer

The texture of the ice is incredibly soft and flaky. It feels like you're eating snow, and appropriately because "yuki" means "snow" in Japanese.

If you read the menu above, you'll notice that a "snow cap" is free.
That means your shaved ice can come with a drizzle of sweet cream.

Watermelon & Cantaloupe 

The owner and creator, Dan, was inspired by a shaved ice he had at a sit-down restaurant in Japan.
Dan is incredibly nice. Read more about him from this great post from the Heirloom Group.

Nectarine w/ Ice Cream

"When you try our blackberry, you’re tasting actual berries. Our melon syrups were real juicy melons just days ago. Our root beer and cola flavors are brewed fresh from our own special recipes.

In order to keep our product fresh and tasty, we use produce from local farms as much as humanly possible. For that reason, you won’t see some of the more tropical flavors like pineapple and coconut. (Don’t get us wrong - pineapple is a great flavor, but unfortunately Hawaii is not exactly “local”!) " -Yuki Facebook Page

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  1. I just tried this place the other day and thought it was delicious! Definitely different than your normal shaved ice, but soooo good!

    1. Are you doing a review? We need to get it to the top ten on Urbanspoon's front page.

  2. I am so happy to learn about this place. Thank you! I will definitely be checking it out.

  3. Interesting to see a Japanese-style shaved ice place. In America, at least in the West, we are most familiar with Hawaiian-style shave ice and this is a little different. There are also variations in Korea, the Phillipines, Taiwan, etc.

    Best of luck to Yuki!

  4. I absolutely love this place, I'm so glad you did a review! Yuki was actually started by one of my friends from culinary school, keep passing the word because he'll take all the business he can get this summer.