Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Takashi in Salt Lake City, Utah


Today, on my one year blogging-anniversary, I'd like to share an old favorite.

Left: The handsome Mr. Takashi himself working his magic. Right: Easy Rider: Maguro, avocado, mint, Thai basil, and a good dab of fresh wasabi; topped w/ roasted, crushed sesame seeds. $8.95

Crunchy Ebi: Shrimp tempura, avocado, and spicy sauce inside; masago, eel sauce, and tempura crumbs on top. $9.00 :: House-made Limeade $2.00 (refreshing)

Strawberry Fields: Excolar, strawberry, spicy sauce, and fresh chili peppers inside; toasted almonds and eel sauce on the outside. $8.00

Sebastian: Spiced crab w/ avocado & sesame seeds. $7.00 :: Edamame $4.00

Sunshine: Cucumber, avocado, and spicy sauce inside fresh salmon and very thin lemon slices on top. $9.95
This one was my favorite. You lemon lovers you, you'll love this one.

Buddha: Filled w/ tempura-fried portabellas, green beans, sweet potato, and carrots; topped w/ sweet sauce & sesame seeds. $6.00

Ripe Mango Mousse: $6.95

Chocolate Rum Torte: A decadent flourless cake served with your choice of gelato. 
We chose the black sesame gelato. $6.95

I loved the Black Sesame Gelato.

"Japanese cuisine at Takashi can be as adventurous as you like, ranging from options some people have probably never tried -- and might not want to -- to the safe, but delicious, traditional favorites." -The Salt Lake Tribune 

"As we watched Takashi work his magic, the word “precision” kept popping into my head: artistic precision." -City Weekly

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  1. Have you tried the Happy Sumo at the Riverwoods? We love sitting right where they make it. We love the Rock'n Roll, Vegas Roll, Cabana Roll, and Sweetheart Roll. And to add some sweetness, try the Mango Mamma Roll!

  2. Wow! So glad I found this,Takashi looks like it has a lot to offer. Excellent pictures. Thanks!