Monday, July 9, 2012

Sugarlene's Cakery Bakery in Highland, Utah


I was cruisin' around Citydeals the other day, scanning for places in Utah County, when I came across a little gem of a deal for the Sugarlene Cakery Bakery.
I was curious and quickly Googled "Sugarlene". I loved what I found!

Sugarlene is an at-home bakery run by Shirline.
She's super sweet. I called her in the afternoon on the 3rd and she happily fulfilled my order for my family's 4th of July celebration.

I LOVED these cookies.
The chocolate chip cookies were soft, not overly sweet, and the perfect "big" size.
I really did love these a lot.....same with the sugar cookies, which were adorably decorated.

I (and you) neeeeed to try everything. Soon.

Bars & Brownies
Bread, Rolls, & Bread Bowls
Cinnamon Rolls
Treat of the Month

She takes phone and online orders only.
I'm regretting that I didn't call a day earlier and order a dozen of everything.

Let me help you out with some links:

City Deals: $7.50 Baker's Dozen ($15 value)
City Deals: $5 for a $10 Gift Certificate (50% off)
Phone: 801-717-8263
Location: Highland, UT

If I lived by her, I'd be calling often to see what she has baking in the oven!

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  1. I'm a fan of Sugarlene, too! I'm so glad to see a foodie out there loves her stuff!