Friday, April 13, 2012

Boudreaux's Bistro in Payson, Utah


I'd like to officially make Boudreaux's Bistro the very first post-worthy restaurant in the South end of the valley--in Payson! 
Worth the drive.

"Home to the best Louisiana cuisine around! Louisiana cuisine, also known as Cajun and Creole, consists of gumbos, red beans and rice, Creole sauce, jambalayas, and etouffees. Our food is prepared fresh daily, from scratch, with the highest quality ingredients and fresh Louisiana seafood available. Many of our products are shipped direct from Louisiana to bring you the bold and unique flavors of the food we serve."

This place smells amazing.

Alligator Sausage Pasta $8.75 - Sauteéd Alligator Sausage in a creamy garlic sauce with rotini pasta.
Beautiful colors. Beautiful spice.

Shrimp Étouffeé: Shrimp stew w/ onions, bell pepper, & celery, served over rice. Full: $6.25

Fried Shrimp Po'Boy $6.75

Pick 3 $8.25: Red Beans w/ Smoked Sausage, Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya

"This kind of Southern comfort food is part of Sorensen's heritage; he grew up in the New Orleans area and trained at Cajun Culinary School."

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Beignets (3) $2.25
Tip: Eat these fresh, not to-go.

From their Facebook page: "Hey ya'll! Just a reminder to get your crawfish boil tickets! The cost is $20.00. It's all you can eat 'till it's gone! Secure your spot today, call or come in! Bring your friends, they can order off the menu too! See you APRIL 21!!!!"

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  1. We went here last night, thanks to your blog, and LOVED it! We will definitely be going back here. I'm so glad you found it!

  2. My wife and I have eaten at Boudreaux's a half a dozen or more times. We like it ok. Having been to New Orleans and eaten cajun there, I would have to say that this place doesn't quite match up but it's still tastey.

    The sad part is that Boudreaux's sold out to the locals. The owner said he toned down the spice/heat quite a bit so the locals wouldn't complain. Too bad. There are however, dozens of hot sauces to choose from to add some kick back to the food, but it isn't quite the same.

    That being said, we still like going there.

  3. My school is just up the street and we eat here all the time. Love the shrimp creole!

  4. My husband's cousin owns this. We are fans. Being from the south, it isn't exactly true creole but it certainly is good to us still the same.