Monday, April 16, 2012

Black Sheep Cafe in Provo, Utah


Southwestern Cuisine (Mexican-American cuisine, a combination of my two other favorite cuisines) originated in the Southwestern United States. 

"It comprises a fusion of recipes for things that might have been eaten by Spanish colonial settlers, cowboysNative Americans,[1] and Mexicans throughout the post-Columbian era; there is, however, a great diversity in this kind of cuisine throughout the Southwestern states."

This particular restaurant is of the Native-American Southwestern cuisine.

Black Sheep Salad - Organic green mix with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, red onion, spice-dusted aged cotija cheese, and a prickly-cactus pear vinaigrette.
Green Chili Stew - A variety of fire-roasted chiles, slow-cooked pork, and braised vegetables.
This big bowl of stew was very hearty and comforting. They fire-roast their own chiles on a daily basis. The smokiness really comes through on all of their dishes.

Fry Bread to dip in the Green Chili Stew
Bleu Burger - Grilled burger stuffed with bleu cheese, topped with fresh greens, grilled onions, hog jowl, and a red wine reduction wrapped in  homemade nanniskadii bread. Side of Southwestern Street Corn.
That folded-over nanniskadii bread is soft and keeps the burger in place nicely. 

Navajo Taco Trio - Tapas style. Small versions of the traditional Black Sheep Pinto, Red Chili Beef (Tender slow-cooked beef covered in red chili sauce and topped with black olives, green onions, and cotija cheese), and Green Chili Pork (Tender slow-cooked pork in green chili sauce and topped with queso menonita, diced tomatoes and cilantro).
Again, best Navajo tacos I've EVEReverever had. Of course, we've all had Navajo tacos, but I promise you, not quite like this. This is how they are meant to be.

Pork Chop Sandwich - Spiced and grilled center cut pork chop topped with a fire-roasted pasilla chile and adobo mayo, wrapped in homemade nanniskadii bread. Served with Cumin-Garlic Sweet Potato Fries
Orange Habenero Crème Brulee - A rich and creamy orange infused custard with a subtle hint of habenero and a crisp flame-caramelized sugar top. Carrot Cake - Topped with a cream cheese icing.
Delicious desserts. In the crème brulee, the heat from the habenero was very subtle indeed. Perfect.

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P.S. - "Fine Custom Native American Jewelry Making and Repair" and "Pottery Workshops" located in a corner of The Black Sheep cafe.


  1. Just found you, and so glad I did. It seems difficult to find a really good place to eat around here, and this looks great! I'll definitely be keeping tabs on you from now on.

  2. Wow. That all looks just incredible! Must get William to take me here.

    (perhaps a double date?)

  3. I had the Bleu Burger, twice now. Ordered a side of grilled squash and the best of all, is the lettuce wedge salad. I don't know what all goes into the dressing, but it is absolutely the best.

  4. Awesome food blog to follow keep uploading many more interesting topics!!!

  5. My husband and i travel a lot and one of our favorite things on vacation is to find local little restaurants serving amazing food that we wouldnt get back home (midwest). I do a TON of research before travelling to find the best places, review menus, review reviews, etc :) THIS WAS A TOP 5 RESTAURANT FOR US. I mean EVER. Of all the places we've gone, this was one of the most memorable because even tho we knew the food was reported to be good, we were still shocked at how much better it was than even the reviews suggested. We went for lunch and the Posole is to die for (i'm still trying to recreate it at home) as was the green chili stew. Navajo tacos were amazing (tho sloppy as all can be). Everything we ate was so fabulous i nearly considered bumming around Provo for the day just to return to this place for dinner. We find ourselves in Utah every year or so and i hope and pray this place sticks around because we will go WAY out of our way to return! :)