Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chubby's Cafe in Pleasant Grove, Utah


Attention men!!! 
and also women who can pack it in like me.....

Aside from the Po Boys, this type of menu is fairly common across the state, 
BUT not every place can hold it's own. 
Chubby's can.

Left: Rootbeer Float Right: Reuben Sandwich

This Reuben sandwich was delicious. Look at the oozing!

Mac and Cheese w/ hushpuppies

The Chubby Challenge includes one pound of beef divided into three patties and one pound of fries. 
Eat all of it in fifteen minutes and you get a free T-Shirt or a $10 gift card.
Notice the small amount of winners on the left side and the large "Hall of Shame" on the right. 

Southern Crispy Barbecue Sandwich
This sandwich above was crispy, delicious, and messy. 
Messy sandwich/burger = good.

The following pictures was a to-go order not long after our first visit above:
Beans and mashed potatoes.

BLT (--aka. possibly my favorite type of sandwich) 

Louisiana Shrimp Po Boy.

Holy cow so good. I've tried a few others in the county, this one is my favorite.

Forewarning, this place gets packed.

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