Monday, January 9, 2012

Pantrucas in Provo, Utah


Pantrucas is located in Provo on Canyon Road, next to Days Market, over a few blocks Southwest of Timpview Highschool.

Beef Empanada w/ Salsa

Do you see what I see? "Fresh" fruit juice. FRESH.
I'm a juicer and a big fan of freshly juiced juice.

Left: Kid's meal w/ Rotisserie Chicken & Rice
Right: Fresh Peach Juice & Fresh Mango Juice
Yes, those are huge carafes full of peach and mango juice.
Well worth the $3.49.
So refreshing, slightly creamy, and sweet.

Churrasco Palta (steak, avocado, tomatoes)
This sandwich is loaded with fresh guacamole.
Avocado just happens to be in my top 3 favorite foods.

Oh, and we were informed this bread was freshly baked that morning in-house. Win.

Fried Fish w/ Spring Rice and Chilean Salad

Left: Fruit Emanada
Right: Alfajores milhojas
Alfajores Milhojas ("a thousand sheets)

Such a great couple. I felt like I was in the dining room of their home. I luh them.
Their cozy little restaurant deserves a lot of support.

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  1. Definitely got to try this place! Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh my gosh! im dying. i want to eat every single photo. dangit.

  3. I'm so glad you tried it!!! Don't you just love Margarita and Ricardo!? And their food is wonderful!!! I love your blog! keep up all the good work! :) And I will let you know if I hear of any other wonderful place you should try!

  4. This has been on my list of restaurants to try. Your review makes me want to go even more, thanks!

  5. We dined at Pantrucas! We absolutely are a huge fan of Chilean foods! The foods served is fabulous!! I am a huge fan of fresh juices! Their mango juice was delicious! I highly recommend dining at Pantrucas!