Monday, October 24, 2011

Terra Mia Ristorante in Orem, Utah


We quite like this place.

Kid's Pasta w/ Cheese Sauce. Quite tasty!
A nice, open atmosphere. Always friendly service.

Francesca's Pizza. I love those brick/wood fired ovens. They create the best pizza crust.
I love Neapolitan-style pizza. 

At Terra Mia, my favorites are the 4-Formaggi & the Matteo's pizza.

Carbonara Pasta: Made with eggs, pecorino, & bacon.
Great flavor for this Carbonara Pasta dish. The bread is wonderful! And as you can see, they provide olive oil, balsamic, & little plate,s to dip your bread. 
You know how I love dipping bread...

The spaghetti in this dish was cooked perfectly al-dente. You may not know it if you tend to overcook your pasta (which I do); now I know what they mean by al-dente. 
Not crunchy or chewy or mushy or soft.

Left: Nutella Pizza. Right: Hazelnut Italian Soda
I went out on a limb & ordered their Hazelnut Italian Soda. 
I very much like the flavor of hazelnuts, so I enjoyed the soda. 
It was different & I liked it.
Also a great hazelnut-flavor? Nutella, so naturally we ordered a Nutella pizza. Yum.

Have I mentioned that I looooooove gelato? I might even like it better than ice cream. Gasp!
Neapolitan pizza & gelato. Yes please!
....oh, and we'll take a couple of bignès while your at it.....

Two Bignès w/ chocolate & coconut gelato.

Terra Mia is a fan of good deals & giveaways.
This past summer I won a free pizza just for liking them on Facebook!

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  1. I've always wondered if this place was good. Thanks for the review. We totally went to the Awful Waffle on Friday because of your blog :)!

  2. We LOVE Terra Mia! I've always been too full to try any of their desserts, but next time we go, I will definitely have to save room!

    Also if you're looking for other Provo/Orem area recommendations, you should check out my blog!


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