Friday, September 9, 2011

Joe's Cafe in Orem, Utah


You guys.....

Located across the street on the West side of the University Mall in Orem, there you will find Joe's Cafe. Parking in front or back.

My mom ordered the ABC (avocado, bacon, cheese) omelet with a side of hashbrowns. I absolutely love crispy hashbrowns. 

So Joe loves being photographed. You can kinda sorta tell by the wall that is PLASTERED with pictures of he and his customers. I think he's in about 99% of those photos.

I left feeling like I just gained a brand new best friend. You won't forget this character.

Behold, Joe's biscuits and gravy......  Chunks of biscuit and ground turkey throughout make it incredibly comforting.

"Slap Ya Mama" (isn't that a terrible name? ha!) cajun seasoning is shipped straight from the South.

I love a plate of silver-dollar sized pancakes.
You could taste the well-seasoned griddle--and very buttery!

Okay, story time about these grits. 

My mother and I were discussing grits and how we're not a big fan because we like our hot cereal to be sweet. Southern grits are not sweet. I suggested we try these grits because maybe they are incredibly good savory grits (plus, Joe almost wouldn't let us leave the counter without ordering some--almost gave us some for free, but we insisted on paying for it). We ordered the grits, and to our surprise, they were sweet! Creamy, buttery, not-too-sweet. I asked Joe if he usually makes sweetened grits. He said "no" and that he had to make them sweet for the Utahns. He said that with love, not annoyance. He was completely happy to accommodate for our sweet tooth here in Utah. He said before he made the grits sweet he was throwing out big pots of grits. After he made the grits sweet he goes through two large pots a day. He says people come in just for a bowl of grits, they are truly that good. 

I'm thinking Utah County finally has a location worthy of "Diner's, Drive-Ins, & Dives"?

Facebook: Joe's Cafe

Open Mon-Sat from 8am-4pm.

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  1. Yum! You know, I've never been a fan of grits but never thought about why. The sweetness, duh. I found that very interesting.

    One of the most important local places to find is a good breakfast place, don't you think? I love breakfast that much.

  2. I left feeling the EXACT same way about the grits, life changing I swear. The place is the real deal.