Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eliane French Bakery in Orem, Utah


This is one of those places--not much to look at on the outside, in fact, it's sort of a bad location, BUT.....

....delicious goodies on the inside.

Left: Napoleon Right: Lemon Cheesecake

Butter Croissant

Raspberry Mousse

Left: Strawberry Pie pocket Right: Case of desserts.
Flavors of pie: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, cream cheese, and almond. You heard me.

Chocolate Eclair
The chocolate eclair was soft with a delicate texture and the chocolate was perfect. The whole thing was not too sweet--just right.

Top Left: Meringue topped w/ Chocolate & Heart-Shaped Sprinkles (my son's choice)
Bottom Right: Fruit Tart

Fruit tarts practically top my list of "favorite desserts." Sometimes the crust is too crispy or the custard is too waxy, but this one I fell in love with. Now I know where to go for my favorite fruit tart. Hooray!

When you need a little something sweet, do stop by. The owner is very friendly. Staying true to French custom, remember to greet with a "bonjour" and leave with a "au revoir!"

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  1. Oh my. Sign me up for one of those chocolate eclairs. Patisserie is probably my favorite word in French.