Thursday, August 25, 2011

Station 22 Cafe in Provo, Utah

Update: Station 22 is now a sit-down restaurant and has gone through some changes. I need to post an update soon.


I know, I know, so many Provo posts, but Provo sort of has a plethora of good places to eat right now. 

Surprised? Maybe we shouldn't be.
For now, behold:

...Station 22 Cafe.

We spotted "The Caprese Sandwich" sign out front, and just like that we were done ordering before we even entered.

Caprese--pronounced "kah-PREH-seh"--consists of fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella cheese, drizzled with olive oil and the occasional balsamic vinaigrette. On a sandwich? paired with a broccoli-bacon-cheddar soup? don't mind if I do.

Station 22 Cafe is located in Historic Downtown Provo, so it's only fitting they stuck with the theme and left exposed brick for the walls and brick for the flooring. I love that feel of an old, rustic building.

Oh I'll be back to eventually try every single Daily Special, which I assume probably changes according to what's in season.

If you're feeling artistic on your way to the salad bar, stop by the giant chalkboard wall freshly stocked with a basket full of chalk.

Memphis Chicken Sandwich

Hand-cut, house breaded, fried chicken "served Memphis-style with a spicy butter glaze topped with a fresh slaw" placed lovingly on a ciabatta roll. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside, with a slaw and a sweet spicy glaze; very satisfying and delicious. My claim above about trying every one of their daily specials? I changed my mind. I'm only ordering the Memphis Chicken Sandwich.

I love the local art on the walls. This display: "All My Friends are Monsters" - A photo project by Trevor Christensen.

Great sandwiches.
Great soup.
Great service.
Great atmosphere.

Station 22 Cafe
22 W Center St.
Provo, Utah

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  1. If I ever visit Utah, I'll be checking out your blog. Great pictures and reviews.

  2. Fab pictures. I luuuurve finding great new places! :)

    And yes, my hair is wavy in that pic. That's my "I don't give a *bleep* look!" ;)

  3. Oh thank you for posting the address, in my head I was thinkin "is this on center?!" Why have I NEVER seen this place? But the first thing I will get is this sandwich. Provo does have a lot of places to eat :)

    I live in P-twon too, and randomly found your blog through Story of My Life. Wasn't her post the best today? Wish I had her life hahaha!

    So excited to get to know you and your blog :)

  4. Thanks for the good words! We appreciate your support of our place! Love your blog!

  5. Interesting to see the Trevor Christensen exhibit from a few years back. He's now getting worldwide press & trending on the internet for his 'nude photographer' portrait series. (Subjects aren't undressed, but the photographer is, behind the camera...)