Monday, August 1, 2011

J Dawgs in Provo, Utah

Update: Also located in Orem, Ut and American Fork, Ut.


Welp, we finally made it.

My little family & I have lived in Utah County for five years now. We had been told about J Dawgs "way" back then & numerous times within. We even lived IN Provo for a year and a half & didn't make a stop! We didn't avoid per-say, we just simply procrastinated. We can be like that sometimes.

This fella greeted us with a great big smile & a very welcoming "what can I get for you?" He then handed Cameron a big J Dawgs sticker & he was suddenly Cameron's new best friend.

I love the short, simple menus that frequent a cheap-eats restaurant. 

I chose beef (always 100% beef here) w/ everything except jalapenos. Mark chose polish w/ everything. I chose, for Cam, beef w/ pickles. Apparently, they also have un-listed items like spicy mustard or light sauce & even a special lingo for the regulars. 

I wanna be a regular!

And Tim's chips? Always yum....

Cameron ate his whole dawg--that is saying something for a 3 year old. He loved it!

We were, by far, not the only family there with little ones. Nor would you be the only one who was by yourself. In fact, near our table there was a family of six all the way to a lady eating by herself. She's smart. I would totally sneak in a quick stop to J Dawgs by myself before going home.

Bottom left: Neat painting of the owner in front of the old location.

Messy. Juicy. Delicious. Loved their "special sauce". The sauce is clearly what keeps customers coming back for more.  The sauce is sweet & oozes nicely in between the criss-crosses that are sliced lovingly on top of the grilled dog. You can purchase a bottle of "special sauce" in-store, too. Nice! And the buns--fresh, soft, & baked locally--deserve their very own separate blog post. 

Okay, so the top reasons that keep J Dawg customers coming back?

Quality dogs.
Freshly baked buns.
Criss-crossed grilled dogs.
Special sauce.
Cheap prices.
Fast & friendly service.

In a nutshell, this place is like the In-N-Out of hotdogs....

J Dawgs
858 N 700 E
Provo, Utah
801-373-DAWG <---be sure to read about the history.

J Dawgs on Urbanspoon

J Dawgs on Urbanspoon

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