Friday, April 11, 2014

Berry Kale Smoothie

Recipes for smoothies are interesting aren't they? We don't really need a recipe for a smoothie do we? Just ideas would suffice, right? The same goes for salads, sandwiches, pizza toppings, juicing, and the list goes on. I hope it's okay that I don't provide you with measurements for the following smoothie. It made enough for me and two small children.

I started off with this beautiful, local, kale from La Nay Ferme in Provo.

And that pretty much sums up my local ingredients! Everything else was from at least one of the following: Wal-Mart, Harmon's, WinCo, or Real Foods Market. You could call me a diverse shopper. 

Berry Kale Smoothie
inspired by Dr. Axe's smoothie recipes

Frozen Berries
Pineapple Core
Raw Egg
Almond/Coconut Milk
Chia Seeds
Raw Honey

Add everything to taste. Blend. Share.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Am I Back?

Welp folks, the desire is there, but the time, the TIME. 

I don't know how blogger-moms do it--or at least, I sorta know how they do it and they either don't ever procrastinate, they have older kids in all-day school, they only have one or two babies who still take naps, or their house is a mess (I'm the last one at this very moment). Ha, I always had this last shred of time where I could hurry and catch up around the house after wasting time. Not so with a third child! It takes like two or more days to catch up, if ever.

But guess what? Nothing in this world is more worth it.

She is literally the sweetest baby.

So there are way more updates I could add, but maybe I should do a little at a time, because, you know, the whole "last-shred-of-time" thing. I want to do restaurant posts and updates, I really do, but then there is also the "bigger-house-bigger-mortgage" thing goin' on, too. So here and there I think I'll do different posts and reconfigure and reorganize this blog to include other things. I'm not saying I'm turning into a recipe blog, because "creating" recipes and food styling stresses me out! But literally I think I'll do random topics and posts and I hope to add in more restaurants.

I hope you stick around!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Temporarily Out of Service

Fourteen weeks pregnant and I almost have my appetite back. I feel like I just took a 90-day leave-of-absence. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

La Nay Ferme CSA in Provo, Utah


If you haven't heard, seen, or tasted yet, you will. This is where farm-to-table begins.
La Nay Ferme is a really great CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
 located up on the east bench of Provo.

Last year was their first season, and I've procrastinated long enough.

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful Saturday morning, we headed up to La Nay Ferme for a tour.
Mark and I already knew we were going to sign-up to be members, but we were also excited to take our two kids on a tour so they could actually see what's happening on that hillside.
Now, whenever we serve greens to our kids, they ask, "Is this fwom the fom?" And when we say yes, they eat it. Ha, our plan worked.

While we were there, they happened to be filming a video about their tours. Check us out! My son wants to be a farmer!

When you become a member of a local CSA it means you are purchasing a "share" of high-quality vegetables and fruits. Founder, Clinton Felsted, cares deeply about providing high-quality food to locals, and even local businesses. Currently, about six Utah County restaurants/companies use La Nay Ferme's produce; Communal, Pizzeria 712, Spark, Sundance Foundry Grill, Sundance Tree Room, Real Foods Market, and I'm sure more to come.

Without electricity, La Nay Ferme uses high tunnels, sometimes called hoophouses, made of metal and plastic, to help extend the growing season. This helps the farm be able to plant in January ready for shares in March.

The view is incredible up there and I look forward to it each time I pick up my share.

The spinach! Their spinach is incredibly crisp, tender, and delicious.
This must be what spinach is supposed to feel and taste like (this goes for everything in the share). My 5-year-old and I snack on it all the way home.
I can never go back to the lifeless spinach from the grocery store...

My first week's bag included mixed greens, spinach, arugula, baby chard, and thyme.
This week's bag includes mixed greens, baby spinach, arugula, turnips, kale, endive, oregano, and sorrel. It's so fun to anticipate what we get each week!

We're incredibly lucky here in the Utah Valley to have such a great CSA.
To become a member (highly recommended), you may buy one week, four weeks, or twelve weeks. Pick-up is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday between 10am-6pm. Take a tour!

More info: Website
Stay Updated: Blog
Become a Member: Here
Schedule a Tour or Ask a Question: Here
Recipes & Meal Planning: Pinterest Page

P.S. - La Nay Ferme invites a local chef to teach a weekly cooking class using that week's items; free for members, $20 for the public. We attended a class which happened to feature the incredible Chef Sam Oteo from Tortilla Bar.
Inspiring and fun!

The chef featured in this video is the talented Lindsey Johnson from Cafe Johnsonia.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sneak Peak of Blue Pablano in Provo, Utah

Update: Even though I haven't done an actual post about this place yet, Blue Pablano has become one of our major favorites. My update is that they are temporarily closed until they reopen at a newer location. Anyone know where yet? 

More new food to add to the amazing food-scene happening in Provo. I'm waiting until after the official opening of Blue Pablano to do a review of their amazing food. 
Here's a sneak peak of their tacos. Drive on by, see if they're open, and enter; 
located in the old Center Street Deli location on Center Street.

Predicting this place will have a constant line out the door...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Winner: Old Towne Grill Dinner-for-Two

AnnaleeMarch 21, 2013 at 1:33 AM
"Grilled Portobello and the grilled kale salad. Tasty veg dinner!"

Congrats!! Please email me with your full name and contact info.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Giveaway: Old Towne Grill Dinner-for-Two


A couple of Saturdays ago we decided to take our kids out for breakfast and bowling.
We chose Old Towne Grill for a visit. 

They are located in the Madison building on Center Street in Provo where you may have to show your I.D. to get in, but they have a great little family section tucked away in a cozy corner where you can feel nice and casual with your little ones.

I met the owners, Joshua & Adam, at a photo shoot for their website, and I just think they are a couple of fun and cool guys. They were happy to sponsor a giveaway to give you an opportunity to come try their great food.

Contest Closed
Prize: Dinner-for-Two (1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 dessert)

To Enter: Go to their website HERE. Browse through their menus and leave a comment about what you'd like to order. That's it!

Bonus Entries (leave a comment for each one):
Like Old Towne Grill on Facebook HERE
Like Utah Valley Foodie on Facebook HERE

Contest ends this Thursday, Mar. 21 at 11:59pm.

Good luck!!
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